Monday 10 February 2014

Elmac Technologies launch new high temperature EHB End-of-line Flame Arrester range

Elmac Technologies, the international leaders in flame arresters and tank and vessel protection equipment, announce the expansion of their current end-of-line flame arrester range with a new High Temperature EHB Series suitable for use with gases in explosion groups up to and including IIB3, and for elevated operating temperatures up to 150°C.

“The EHB high temperature flame arrester range is the natural extension to our recently developed EVB series”, commented Elmac’s Commercial Manager Andy McGlynn. “By taking our existing EVB series as a starting point, and modifying certain design parameters, we were able to significantly extend the upper operating temperature limit from 60°C to 150°C.”

The Elmac development team used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to design and optimise an enhanced crimped ribbon flame-arresting element for the EHB series which delivers market-leading performance for high flow capacities with minimal pressure drop.

At the same time, the unique element design makes the arrester less susceptible to fouling and clogging, and reduces the overall weight of the arrester thus improving its ease of installation and maintenance.

“We were delighted to launch our new EVA and EVB flame arresters in 2013,” continued Andy McGlynn, “and being able to start 2014 by launching yet another product range, which leads the market in terms of operating performance, is very exciting for us.”

High operating temperature flame arresters are used in a variety of industries and uses include marine, petrochemical, offshore and distillery applications.

Features & Benefits Of EHB Flame Arresters