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£20.3 million spillage fine rings warning bells for Digester operators

Posted On : Friday 24th March

The recent news of a record £20.3 million fine for spillages has brought into the spotlight the problems which face companies dealing with potentially damaging waste water.

The fine, imposed by the courts after a prosecution brought about by the Environment Agency, was for historical spillages of untreated sewage in 2013 and 2014. Since then, positive action has been taken by the company to ‘protect and prevent’ by investing in significant and successful changes to the technology used in their waste water systems.

The company are now confident that those systems will no longer be compromised in such a way. But the spills, and the fine, will surely sound a resounding warning bell to everyone else who manages waste – including businesses who own, build, manage or operate a Digester.

Already in use in many applications across the UK, the Elmac Technologies® Foaming Relief Vent is specifically designed to relieve excessive pressure produced during a digester foaming event… thus eliminating the possibility of costly tank ruptures and consequent leaks and spills.  It is low maintenance, easy to operate and has a wide range of settings to suit every Digester – providing maximum tank protection whilst ensuring minimum gas loss.

Elmac are global technical leaders in tank protection equipment, and their Foaming Relief Vents are part of a comprehensive product range which helps businesses worldwide to operate safely and compliantly – avoiding potential pitfalls and their financial and environmental consequences.

In the light of the spillages and substantial fines in this recent case, it most certainly reminds us that it pays to protect and prevent.

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