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Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal



Products Used

Flame Arresters, Relief Valves

Emergency Manways, Gauge Hatches


8 weeks

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The Project

The Hertfordshire Oil Storage Terminal is the UK’s 5th largest oil storage facility located near Hemel Hempstead. On 11th December 2005, it was partially destroyed by a series of explosions.

The Requirement

The investigation that followed showed design and maintenance failures in both overfill protection systems and liquid containment systems. These were identified as the technical causes of the initial explosion.

The Solution

In 2014, the British Pipeline Agency (BPA) and their contractor, AMEC, were appointed to undertake the project of rebuilding the storage terminal. Working closely with the mechanical and safety engineers at both the BPA and AMEC, Elmac Technologies specified and sized the protection equipment required, including relief valves, flame arresters and emergency relief vents for the new storage tanks.