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Vopak Terminal Eurotank, Antwerp, Belgium


Vopak Terminal Eurotank

Products Used

Inline Unstable Detonation Arresters


8 weeks

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The Project

Vopak Terminal Eurotank is one of Belgium’s largest fuel storage facilities comprising 173 steel tanks with a capacity of almost 500,000 m³.

The Requirement

Elmac got involved during the building of two new jetties (5 & 6) which required inline detonation arresters in the vapour recovery lines. The main criterion for selecting the flame arresters required was low pressure drop due to the very low design pressures of the tanks.

The Solution

Inline stable detonation arresters were identified as the ideal solution for this project and Elmac’s UCA series was selected. With HEDS technology, they offered lower pressure drops than any other stable detonation arresters VOPAK were considering. In fact, the low pressure performance of the UCA series was such that enabled VOPAK to reduce the line size from 8” to 6” for one of the tags, helping to reduce the overall project cost significantly.