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Flame Arresters – Health & Safety Law

HS(G)158 states, “Health and safety law requires that plant and equipment is maintained in a safe condition. It is essential that flame arresters are well maintained. They should be covered by a program of regular inspection and maintenance so they continue to be effective.”

It also goes on to say, “Keep records of the specification of each arrester, its location and its maintenance history.” These records help to identify if the arrester is suitable for the media that it is protecting. Should the process conditions be changed it can then be easily identified if the flame arrester fitted remains suitable for the new conditions.

How Can Elmac Help?

Elmac Technologies can assist with all aspects of flame arrester effectiveness, from initial inspection reports to on-going maintenance or simply the supply of spare parts.

Standards Compliance

All Elmac deflagration arresters have been tested and certified in accordance with national or international standards. Actual device performance is verified in the Elmac Technologies “state of the art” in-house test facility.

Flame arresters – what can go wrong?

A flame arrester may not function correctly if:

  • It is incorrectly specified in the first place
  • It is incorrectly installed
  • It is not maintained properly
  • It becomes damaged or distorted
  • It is blocked or contaminated
  • The process conditions are changed
  • Plant modifications are made

For more information on avoiding these issues, please contact Elmac for the correct advice and action to take.