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Working to benefit you: HEDS™ Technology

Posted On : Friday 04th May

HEDS™ Technology

When it comes to unstable detonation flame arresters, Elmac Technologies is setting new benchmarks in efficiency thanks to our unique High Energy Dissipation System – HEDS™.

HEDS™ technology is 30% more efficient because of the innovative design. It incorporates our pioneering orifice plate with new wider crimp mesh to attenuate the shock wave, dissipate the heat and significantly reduce the explosion intensity.

This new harder-working design also means that the flame arrester needs fewer elements to make it work. And fewer elements in the arrester makes it smaller, lighter and better performing.

The Elmac Technologies® series of in-line unstable detonation flame arresters uses High Energy Dissipation System (HEDS™) technology.


In summary

HEDS technology increases performance by:

  • attenuating the shock wave
  • dissipating heat
  • providing market-leading flow versus pressure drop performance


The many benefits of using HEDS™ technology include:

  • Ultimate Safety

HEDS™ protects from all explosion scenarios including worst-case unstable detonations.

  • Versatility

Bi-directional capability means there are no placement restrictions or the need for additional equipment.

  • Ultimate Performance

Flow rates and pressure drops are improved by up to 30%.

  • Lightweight

Optimised HEDS™ and E-Flow™ element technology facilitates fewer functional elements and/or reduced product size.

  • Low Cost

Reduced product, pipe and pump sizes yields significant energy and CapEx/OpEx savings.

  • Simple Maintenance

Fewer components simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime.

  • Reduced Insurance Premiums

Due to enhanced levels of safety.



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