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Our innovative, best-in-class products are used by our global customer base across a wide range of application sectors in the most challenging industrial environments. That’s how we’ve made our name. That’s how we’ve forged a worldwide reputation as the engineer’s brand of choice in the global Flame Arrester and tank protection market. Whatever your industry, the three pillars of our unique value proposition you can expect are our innovative product features, the operational benefits and the expertise of our technical team – with many years of first-hand industry experience and unrivalled problem solving skills

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Flame Arrester Applications

Introduction toElmac Technologies

During its 70 years’ history Elmac Technologies has developed an enviable global reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of an innovative range of patent protected Flame Arrestors. These are for installed by Contractors, OEM’s and Operators in order to enhance process safety in a wide range of industrial applications.

The comprehensive range of ATEX accredited Flame Arresters, which complement the range of Pressure Protection Products, offer ultimate explosion protection in the world’s most challenging process environments.

Elmac’s Flame Arresters are static devices that allow flow, into or between enclosures, whilst preventing flame transmission thus protecting processes from the potentially catastrophic effects of an explosion. Different types of Flame Arresters are required depending on installation positioning and operating conditions (to include Explosion Groups), so please read on to help with your selection.

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