Fuel Distribution

Elmac have engineered an innovative range of products designed specifically to minimise both the risks and costs associated with the protection of people, equipment and the environment in these uniquely hazardous working conditions.

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The likelihood of an ignition of VOCs leading to a potentially catastrophic explosion is an ever-present danger in the fuel distribution sector. Simple but effective explosion protection devices are a pre-requisite when working in the extremely hazardous environments encountered in vapour recovery and associated operations. Operational requirements demand absolute reliability, minimal maintenance and, of course, cost effective solutions.

  • The Elmac Solution

    Whilst offering an unrivalled level of customer support we have developed an innovative range of flame arresters, valves and ancillary products that have been engineered to meet the specific requirements of fuel distribution applications. In addition to providing the required levels of explosion protection, the use of our products will also deliver improved margins from higher yields (reduced product/vapour losses) and lower operating costs derived from reduced maintenance, energy usage and insurance premiums.

  • Expertise

    Our highly qualified team of technical experts work closely with our customers to determine their application-specific explosion protection and venting requirements. We utilise sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics to design bespoke solutions that can be verified using our state-of-the-art in-house test facilities.

  • Technology

    Elmac’s flame arresters incorporate our industry-leading E-FlowTM technology that delivers higher rates of flow, lower pressure drop and reduced fouling characteristics. Our extensive range of unstable detonation arresters incorporates the patent-protected HEDSTM technology and offers protection in all explosion scenarios with no installation limitations. The patented protected lightweight ERB range of flame arresters facilitate installation in the most difficult to access situations and our range of high performance pressure and vacuum relief valves offer a unique PTFE sealing system designed to reduce product losses with a best-in-class <1SCFH at 90% of set pressure.

  • Compliance

    Elmac’s products comply with all relevant industry standards including: ATEX & ISO 16852 (Flame Arresters); API2000/ISO28300 & NFPA30 (Venting & Storage of Combustible Vapours & Liquids). They are used in Petrol Vapour Recovery Applications under Directives 1994/63/EC (Stage I) & 2009/126/EC (Stage II) and in situations that may be subject to BLEVE (fire engulfment) incidents. In addition, Elmac is accredited to the following international standards: ISO 9001 (Total Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Occupational H&S).

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