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Meet Anil Krishna Jangiti from the Elmac Projects Team

Posted On : Wednesday 29th September

On this blog we are featuring Anil Krishna Jangiti, Project Engineer at Elmac Technologies Ltd.

How are you finding working at Elmac Technologies?

I’m very pleased to work for Elmac Technologies. I find the company’s insightful vision and experience in flame arrester technology intriguing.

What is your background?

I come from a mechanical engineering background and hold a Master’s in project management. I’ve previously worked as a Quality Engineer for Asahi India Glass – an auto-glass manufacturing company in Delhi. I’ve also worked as a Project Engineer in the leisure and construction industries.

Back in university, I led a research and innovation project on oxyhydrogen. The project was funded by the Development of Science and Technology of India. The project was named one of the top ten innovations of India in 2018 and has since been adopted as a research subject for rocket fuel by ISRO.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

I enjoy every part of the job! Being a Project Engineer, I am involved at product level, which gives me the opportunity to see outside the box. Working with complex explosion and pressure protection equipment makes the job even more interesting.

What challenges have you faced in the past 18 months?

Keeping up-to-date with the technical capabilities of mechanical engineering is not easy. Landing a good job in the same profession was the greatest challenge! I now want to improve my overall capabilities and my knowledge of Elmac products in order to progress my career as the business grows internationally.

What does a typical day in the Elmac Projects Team look like?

The Project Team is involved in most of the activities of the company including sales, technical support, customer service, manufacturing and of course project management. Accordingly, every day is a different day. I’m happy to be working with a team, within which every member is given the opportunity to achieve their potential and enjoys what they’re doing.

And finally, what are your hobbies and interests outside work?

I’m a keen guitar player and spend a lot of time playing and writing my own songs.

I’m also a technology geek – I’m always on the lookout for new innovations, and maintain my own black book for my techno-innovative ideas, in sustainable and renewable energy. I’m also in the process of learning computer coding and electronics.