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Flow Valves Sp. are our authorised Agents in Poland

Posted On : Monday 26th July

Meet Krzysztof Weiner, CEO at Flow Valves Sp. our representatives in Poland.

How long have you been involved with Elmac Technologies?

I first met the Elmac team and their range of products back in 2018, and then began to receive the first requests for quotations in 2019. Our interest came about as a natural consequence of our company’s growth and business development strategy. We mainly deal with end-users and engineering companies in the tank construction and fuel storage tank sectors. Our customer-base also includes refineries and suppliers of methylated spirits.

We were able to win one of the largest contracts for a new fuel storage base in Poland that required the supply of a range of safety devices. Deliveries were made in the first quarter of this year and comprised free vents, detonation and deflagration flame arresters, and also combination flame arrester and breather valves.   

What is your background?

I studied Mechanical Engineering and completed my Master’s degree in Engineering in 1993. My experience and entire career has been devoted to the engineering and manufacturing sector. Flow Valves was launched in 2014 and can truly say that I’ve enjoyed every minute and have never looked back!

What are your plans for the future?

To have a long and happy retirement – but that’s still 15 years away ….!!

Until then, I want to further enhance the reputation of Flow Valves as a reliable and trustworthy supplier of industrial valves and to position ourselves as a market leader in the Explosion and Pressure Protection sector. I’m very fortunate to have a strong team around me, especially Joanna Zalewska, our Sales and Marketing Manager, and Martyna our Office Administrator.

What is your key customer-care offering?

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of our customers, their industry sector and the challenges they face. Technical expertise and customer service are at the centre of what we do.

We have now put together a large portfolio of valves complemented by a wide range of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators and, last but not least, the innovative end-of-line and in-line deflagration flame arresters, and in-line detonation flame arresters, all from Elmac Technologies. Accordingly, and with Elmac’s support, we are confident that we can meet the most demanding requirements for our customers’ applications.

And finally, tell us a bit about yourself. How do you relax after a busy day?

I like to read or watch a good TV series (sometimes the bad ones too!). Oh, I also love swimming and playing bridge with my good friends.