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Innovation As A True USP – The Elmac Paradigm

Posted On : Monday 16th September

Despite increasing legislation such as the ATEX Directive and ISO Standards, the flame arrester and explosion protection industry has remained a “traditional” sector where innovation and new technologies have not been seen as essential elements of a manufacturer’s growth strategy. Instead, product reliability, quality manufacturing and technical support have been the priority areas in which most major players compete.

With all the above features as pre-requisites, there has been pressure in recent years from the end-users for more innovative products. Products that can out-perform what is currently available in the market in terms of performance benefits, ease of installation and lower maintenance, energy and other cost-in-use savings.

Companies in various sectors such as the distribution and storage of oil and gas, pharmaceuticals and distilleries are constantly looking at ways of improving safety and operational efficiencies.  However, in an increasingly competitive marketplace, these companies also find themselves confronted with an operating environment where there are pressures to manage costs down but without compromising on the efficiency of their operations or the required standards of safety.

With more than 70 years of experience in the industry, Elmac Technologies has always been committed to finding new, innovative ways to improve upon the performance and quality of the products stemming from its core philosophy of protecting people, property and the planet.

This focus has been the driving force behind the development of two innovative new products recently granted patents:  a Detonation Flame Arrester incorporating a unique Orifice Plate in its construction and an End-of-Line Deflagration Flame Arrester incorporating a novel ‘Reverse Flow’ design concept.

Elmac’s Detonation Flame Arrester with Orifice Plate is designed to prevent the propagation of gas or vapour explosions in pipelines under the most severe condition of an unstable detonation. The extremely high pressures and detonation wave velocities developed in these conditions required a unique solution and its innovative design offers a comprehensive explosion protection solution. The orifice plates effectively provide a High Energy Dissipation System (HEDS™) which facilitate exceptional flow capacities with minimal pressure drop. These features result in a Detonation Flame Arrester whose high-performance delivers significant operating cost savings and, being extremely lightweight, provides for easy installation and maintenance. The product also features a short-time burn capability and bi-directional protection. This versatility renders the product suitable for all applications including deflagration, and both stable and worst-case unstable detonation scenarios, without the need for additional protection measures.

Elmac’s new End-of-Line Deflagration Flame Arresters, when installed at the end of a vent pipe, are designed to prevent atmospheric deflagrations from entering into a gas or vapour piping system or storage tank. Simple, compact, robust and lightweight, these high-performance flame arresters are quick and easy to install and maintain. The self-draining element prevents rain, dirt or other foreign matter entering the piping system and allows for easy visual inspection. These patent-protected Flame Arresters incorporate both the novel ‘Reverse Flow’ concept and Elmac’s  E-Flow™ enhanced crimped ribbon design technology in the flame arrester element, which allows the products to be up to five-times lighter than conventional arresters.

Lew Bingham, Managing Director comments: “Despite operating in a traditional industry, we believe that continuous improvement and a quest for innovative solutions is key to creating, not only a unique selling proposition, but also a safer working environment for our customers.

“At Elmac Technologies, we are constantly seeking new ways to improve products in terms of both quality and performance and also in reducing ongoing operational costs. These newly patented, high performance and lightweight products have been designed with precisely this in mind and the result is that they are lower in overall cost, safer and easier to install and maintain.”

Elmac has developed an enviable global reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of an innovative range of patent protected Flame Arresters. It is this industry-leading excellence in design and innovation that enables the company to provide first-class devices that keep costs low without compromising on quality – all the while helping to protect people, property and the planet.