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Playing our Part in Process Safety

Anyone working in the petrochemical, chemical or other hazardous industries will be familiar with the term ‘process safety’.  Essentially, it’s the term used to describe how individuals work together to take collective responsibility for activities surrounding the use, storage, manufacturing, handling or movement of hazardous substances.

With each process in the chain being carefully monitored and managed to prevent accidents, people not only feel safe but are kept safe along with product and equipment through the reduction of incidents occurring.  The process also includes having appropriate control systems and engineering procedures in the supply chain that each contribute to preventing accidents potentially with catastrophic consequences.

At Elmac, our purpose is centred on the protection of people, property and our planet. We take our role in process safety very seriously, ensuring that the correct measures are undertaken from the design and specification of products, right the way through to installation and ultimately the maintenance and optimal operation of our products.

Our comprehensive range of ATEX accredited Flame Arresters, and best-in-class Pressure Protection Products, enhance process safety and provide ultimate explosion protection should incidents occur in some of the world’s most challenging industrial environments.

We have developed an innovative range of Flame Arresters, Valves and ancillary products that have been engineered to meet the specific requirements of fuel distribution applications. In addition to providing the required levels of explosion protection, the use of our products will also deliver improved margins from higher yields (reduced product/vapour losses) and lower operating costs derived from improved product performance, and reduced maintenance, energy usage and insurance premiums.

The performance of our products is measured in our state-of-the-art, in-house testing facilities, where they are carefully assessed to ensure that they function to the highest possible level. These internal checks are independently verified through ATEX regulations and the relevant ISO standards to ensure the products supplied provide a safe link in the process safety chain.

We’re proud that Elmac’s blend of engineering, management and operational skills help prevent catastrophic incidents, particularly explosions or fires.  If you have any questions about our Flame Arresters or how they play an important role in process safety, feel free to contact us.