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Protecting the Biogas Industry

Posted On : Thursday 22nd March

Elmac is proud to have developed a unique range of products designed specifically for the biogas industry and renewable energy market. In particular, one set-up we recommend is made up of flame arresters, pressure and vacuum relief valves and emergency venting devices. It’s otherwise known as a ‘cowhorn’ arrangement – due to its shape.

It is safety equipment like this that has made Elmac Technologies the stand-out choice, right across the world. And when it comes to protecting companies within the biogas industry, we’re only too happy to lend our expertise.

Featuring: Elmac’s ‘cowhorn’ arrangement

Our unique ‘cowhorn’ arrangement is a solution that combines a highly effective pressure and vacuum relief vent with a flame arrester. A typical arrangement consists of pressure & vacuum relief valves, full bore isolation ball valves, Smith Flow interlock system (to prevent both valves being closed simultaneously) and associated pipe work.

It offers biogas digesters the highest level of protection from a potential external ignition source, whilst also offering pressure and vacuum relief when required.

This ‘cowhorn’ arrangement is, of course, just one way we offer protection. Our technical experts will be pleased to work closely with you to discuss your exact needs and provide a tailored solution. And once chosen, we guarantee that it will be verified using our state-of-the-art in-house testing facilities.

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