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Elmac Technologies Solutions for the Distilleries Industry

Solutions for the Distillery Industry
Lewis Porter, European Sales Manager, Elmac Technologies Ltd.

Elmac Technologies is a world leader in the design, manufacture and supply of explosion and pressure protection equipment. Our comprehensive range of ATEX accredited Flame Arresters and best-in-class Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves enhances process safety, ensures compliance with the latest legislation, and provides ultimate protection across a number of industry sectors.

Specifically for the Distilleries industry, our innovative solutions ensure that manufacturers are compliant with the DSEAR 2002 and the updated COMAH 2015 regulations.

“Once HSE picks your whisky or gin distillery for an audit, you may have very little time to react” says Lewis Porter, European Sales Manager, Elmac Technologies Ltd. “We offer a free, on-site survey during which we can explain the requirements of the HSE and assess your process against their own and other relevant industry standards. This will include ISO28300, API2000, NFPA30 and guidelines by The Scotch Whisky Association. Once the design ratings of your vessels are established we can calculate the flow capacity required to handle emergency relief venting for fire engulfment.”

Fire engulfment is a real threat for most distilleries that are often located in old, historic properties. The vessels may not be regularly assessed for suitability and the potential for modification will need to be ascertained, especially if expansion is planned. The Elmac team will audit all installed equipment, verify its compliance with ATEX and Gas Group IIB1, and establish the year of manufacture and spares availability. On completion, a calculation of the flow requirements and equipment sizing will be provided.

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