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Are your storage tanks under pressure?

Posted On : Friday 06th April

The use of large capacity tanks and vessels is a common practice in a wide range of commercial and industrial enterprises.

Storage tanks hold liquids, compressed gases (gas tank) or mediums used for the short or long-term storage. Filling and emptying the tanks is accomplished through connected piping systems.

Atmospheric storage tanks are generally thin-walled and only designed to operate under low pressures. They are also primarily designed against the build-up of internal pressure and have extremely low resistance to vacuum.

So, what’s the answer? What’s the best way to get complete peace of mind when it comes to looking after your investment?

Our pressure protection series of tank blanketing valves offers complete protection. This tank protection equipment is fitted in various forms to protect against pressure, external ignition or contamination which could have detrimental effect on the products being stored or the vessel itself.

Now you won’t have to worry about contamination of what’s inside, or about rupture or damage to the storage tank itself. That’s the beauty of tank blanketing valves. And the benefits soon begin to add up.


Featuring: Tank Blanketing Valves

tank blanketing valves


Features & Benefits

– Range of sizes available from 15mm to 50mm

–  Tank corrosion is reduced

–  No control line is needed for operation

–  Reduction from very high primary pressure (up to 16 bar) to very low setting of 2 mbar


For more information download the datasheet, or view the entire Pressure Protection Range.

Protecting people, property and our planet.