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Elmac’s E-Flow™ stands for Enhanced-Flow, the technology that’s used in the majority of our End-of-Line and In-Line Flame Arresters.

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Our approach to product development begins and ends with the user in mind and E-Flow™ technology exemplifies this philosophy having taken years of research and close co-operation with our customers. Certain core requirements were identified by the research; issues that we have prioritised and addressed:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Lightweight construction
  • Improved flow and pressure-drop performance

So, drawing on our 70 years of expertise, and crucial customer feedback, E-Flow™ technology was developed to incorporate a number of innovative features. By taking advantage of modern analytical techniques such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), and using a first-principles design approach, the above core issues feature highly in the new E-Flow™ technology Flame Arrester element design.  The innovative design uses less material and offers a greater free area that facilitates higher rates of flow and reduced pressure drop.

As an example the relative flow performance of the Elmac 150mm nominal bore EVA Flame Arrester versus market leading competitive equivalent models has a like-for-like flow performance improvement of up to 30% across the entire range* (see chart). In addition, significant cost savings derive from the Elmac Technologies’ E-Flow™ Flame Arresters range which are lighter, easier to maintain and can be specified at smaller sizes for the same duty.

Elmac’s products are manufactured in the UK, and supplied in accordance with the latest internationally recognised standards. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials the products can be configured to exact customer and application specific requirements. Our loyal customers have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they no longer have to compromise on safety.

*When compared to equivalent models from leading competitors


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