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Supporting The Safe Transportation Of Fuel

Posted On : Monday 23rd September

Fuel is the cornerstone of the modern economy, enabling people and societies to better their ways of life, grow more prosperous and connect with one another across the globe.

In the UK today, 46 billion litres of road transport fuels allow people and businesses to travel 324 billion miles each year, carrying 1.9 billion tonnes of freight.  14 billion litres of aviation fuel is used annually to help 134 million passengers depart from UK airports, and in other transport sectors it is oil-derived fuels that account for 62% of energy used across the rail network each year, along with 103 million tonnes of maritime freight to be moved by ship.

In addition to transport, 7.2 billion litres of oil products were used in 2016 to manufacture petrochemicals, without which we would not be able to manufacture everyday items such as paints, fertilisers, plastics, consumer electronics, clothing or cosmetics. Not forgetting the contribution to domestic heating, with 3.7 million homes in the UK off the gas grid many of which are reliant on heating oil and LPG as their main source of heating.

It’s clear that the safe transportation of fuel is key to a successful economy and society, however, those working with fuel will understand just how dangerous the substance is. It is an extremely flammable liquid, giving off a vapour which can easily be ignited, even at low concentrations. It presents risks to human health, the environment and if not handled with extreme care, fuel has the potential to cause a serious fire or explosion.

The likelihood of an ignition of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) leading to a potentially catastrophic explosion is an ever-present danger in the fuel distribution sector. Those working within this industry therefore must ensure all the necessary measures are taken to prevent these risks in order to keep the working environment safe.

Simple but effective explosion protection devices are a pre-requisite when working in the extremely hazardous environments encountered in vapour recovery and associated operations. Operational requirements demand absolute reliability, minimal maintenance and, of course, cost effective solutions.

That’s where we step in. At Elmac Technologies, we have engineered an innovative range of products designed specifically to minimise both the risks and costs associated with the protection of people, equipment and the environment in these uniquely hazardous working conditions.

Our industry leading Emergency Relief Vents provide emergency venting capacity in the event of an external fire, whilst also permitting access to low pressure storage tanks for inspection and maintenance. Our Unstable Detonation Arresters, incorporating the patented HEDS™ technology, offer ultimate protection to prevent propagation of gas or vapour explosions from the most severe conditions encountered in unstable detonation scenarios.

When it comes to navigating explosion risk factors, we’re experts in our field and are therefore able to help fuel distribution companies mitigate the risk factors involved. This specialised support stems from our mission to protect people, property and our planet but also the desire to ensure the safe operations of those responsible for transporting the fuel that is so vital for our economy and society.

If you have any questions about our range of explosion protection and pressure protection equipment, then do feel free to drop us a Tweet or message us on LinkedIn.