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The Safety Experts: Fuel Distribution

Posted On : Friday 20th April

The Elmac Solution

Elmac Technologies has engineered an innovative range of products designed specifically to minimise both the risks and costs associated with the protection of people, equipment and the environment in the uniquely hazardous working conditions of fuel distribution.

The likelihood of an ignition of VOCs leading to a potentially catastrophic explosion is an ever-present danger in the fuel distribution sector. Simple but effective explosion protection devices are a pre-requisite when working in the extremely hazardous environments encountered in vapour recovery and associated operations. Operational requirements demand absolute reliability, minimal maintenance and, of course, cost effective solutions.

And that’s where Elmac Technologies comes in. When it comes to navigating explosion risk factors, we’re first you turn to. We’re experts at helping fuel distribution companies work out the risk factors involved: the likelihood of an explosive atmosphere will occur, and the potential for ignition.

The type of questions we use to assess the risk include:

  • Are flammable gases/vapours present?
  • Can dispersion of the fuel in air create an explosive atmosphere?
  • Where can these explosive atmospheres occur?
  • Is the potential for creation of an explosive atmosphere reliably prevented?
  • Are the areas in which these explosive atmospheres present controlled?
  • Is the potential ignition controlled?

In many cases it is not possible to avoid the potential for a gas/vapour explosion so its mitigation must then be considered.

For recommendations on Explosion Protection and Pressure Protection, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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