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Explosion Protection

When it comes to explosion protection, Elmac Technologies is renowned for bringing enhanced levels of safety and protection to the world’s most challenging industrial environments. Our comprehensive range of ATEX accredited flame arresters are available for a variety of applications and conditions.

So, if you’re interested in successfully navigating explosion risk factors, Elmac should be the first company you turn to. We’re experts at helping companies work out the risk factors involved: the likelihood of an explosive atmosphere will occur, and the potential for ignition.

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To help with your product selection, we have grouped our products into the three categories below. If you would like further assistance, please contact us here.

End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arresters

The range offers protection against atmospheric explosions entering the process. Here the explosion is normally caused by the ignition of a flammable vapour cloud.

In-line Deflagration Flame Arresters

Our range offers protection from the initial phases of an explosion. Here the explosion is normally caused by ignition of a flammable gas mixture within a pipe.

In-line Detonation Flame Arresters

This range offers ultimate protection from worst case scenario explosions. Here the explosion is normally caused by acceleration of a deflagration flame front and transition of pressure wave to shock wave within a pipe.

Elmac manufactures and supplies these three main types of flame arresters to all kinds of gas and industrial businesses across the world. They put their trust in us because we are proven in our protection.

All our products meet current legislation and standards: ATEX: Atmospheres Explosive - European Directive 94/9/EC covering all equipment used in zoned areas including flame arresters; EN ISO 16852: International standard to which flame arresters are tested. Current edition EN ISO 16852:2014

If you would like further assistance, please contact us here

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