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Pressure Protection

The structural integrity of storage vessels are vulnerable to the relatively small changes in pressure routinely encountered during normal operating conditions. Elmac Technologies’ Low Pressure Protection Equipment is designed to protect tanks from rupture or implosion during filling and/or emptying cycles. They limit product loss and environmental discharges whilst also protecting tanks during thermal changes. Adequate pressure protection is required to stop the catastrophic failure of a tank or vessel.

We are committed to developing world-leading Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, and associated safety equipment, that provide ultimate protection in low pressure process environments. Our experienced technical team work closely with our worldwide customers to design and size bespoke, cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed their requirements in terms of both safety and operational performance benefits.

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The filling and emptying cycles of tanks and vessels causes change to the liquid volume and vapour space, and this together with fluctuating operating temperatures and pressures, results in the need for pressure protection equipment. Situations where a tank or vessel may be vulnerable to engulfment by fire could result in the need for large volumes of vapour to be rapidly vented in order to protect the tank and its environment. Safety devices, such as high level alarms or control systems, can malfunction, leading to catastrophic failure of the tank. This can result in critical injuries, loss of product and severe environmental damage. Accordingly, fail-safe devices, such as Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Emergency Relief Vents, and/or other venting relief devices such as Bursting Discs should be fitted in addition to Flame Arresters where these may be required.

Elmac offers a full range of Pressure Protection equipment. For more detailed information, please select a specific product from our range below.

Technologies & Expertise

Elmac Technologies Technologies & Expertise

Elmac also offers far more than just flame arresters. Our range of low-pressure protection equipment is designed to safeguard tanks and vessels from under or over pressure, during both normal and emergency conditions. So, as well as being a flame arrester manufacturer, we are also pressure protection specialist.

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