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Cowhorn Arrangement

Features & Benefits
  • Specified for Biogas applications (Anaerobic Digesters)
  • Integrates twin Flame Arresters & Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves (Breather Valves)
  • Superior explosion & pressure protection
  • ATEX certified for gases in Explosion Groups IIA1 & IIB3
  • High flow capacity with minimal pressure drop 
  • Practical duty/standby arrangement
  • Continuous operation with zero downtime & minimum disruption
  • Can be utilised alongside Elmac’s Foaming Relief Vents
  • Easy in-situ inspection & maintenance
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Principles of Operation

The increasing demand for renewable energy has intensified the need for products to protect people, process equipment and the environment. Elmac recognises this need and has developed a unique range of safety products to protect commercial, industrial and on-farm Anaerobic Digestion Plants.

The Elmac Technologies® Cowhorn Arrangement attaches pairs of Flame Arresters and Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves to a 3-way valve, allowing the operator to switch between sets when operational or maintenance needs require.

Elmac’s world-leading Flame Arresters protect the Anaerobic Digester against fire and explosion whilst allowing gases/vapours to flow under normal operating conditions. Simultaneously, the Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves protect the Digester against overpressure and limits product loss.

The practical duty/standby arrangement of the Cowhorn allows continuous operation with zero downtime and minimum disruption to Biogas production.

The Cowhorn can also be combined with the Elmac Technologies® Foaming Relief Vent to relieve excessive pressure during a Digester foaming event.

Standards Compliance

Elmac’s Cowhorn Arrangement has been type-tested to EN ISO 16852 and approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

Enviromental Management Quality Management EX CE

Technical Specifications

Sizes (DN)2” to 12” (DN50 to DN300)
Process ConnectionANSI 150#
Special (on request)
MaterialStainless Steel (standard)
Other materials available on request
Ancillary EquipmentProximity Switches
Pipework Pressure Transducers
Temperature Sensors (on request)
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