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Explosion & Pressure Protection Flame Arresters and Pressure Relief Valves

During our 70 years' history, we have developed an enviable global reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of an innovative range of patent protected Flame Arresters. Elmac Technologies’ comprehensive range of ATEX accredited Flame Arresters and best-in-class Pressure Relief Valves, not only enhances process safety but also provides ultimate explosion protection in the world's most challenging industrial environments. Our Flame Arresters are designed for bespoke installations and are lightweight to enable installation and cost-effective operation and maintenance.

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Pressure Relief Valves & Flame Arresters

Elmac Technologies’ Flame Arresters are static devices that allow flow into or between enclosures whilst preventing flame transmission, thus protecting processes from the potentially catastrophic effects of an explosion. Different types of Flame Arresters are required depending on installation positioning, operating conditions and Explosion Groups.

The Elmac range of Flame Arresters comprises three main types:

  • In-line Deflagration Arresters
  • End-of-line Deflagration Arresters
  • In-line Unstable Detonation Arresters – used to prevent worst-case scenario explosions

Flame Arresters are installed by contractors, OEMs and Operators in order to provide protection against explosions in a wide range of applications including: oil & gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, bio-fuels and distilleries. Our range of ATEX accredited flame arresters and pressure relief valves is designed and manufactured in the UK and have been independently flame and explosion type-tested and certified. All flame arresters and pressure relief valves are tested to the latest EN ISO 16852, the European Standard for flame arresters which provides for a significant safety margin in typical operating conditions.

Elmac Technologies Pressure Protection

In addition to our innovative range of patent protected Flame Arresters, Elmac Technologies offers a comprehensive range of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves (PVRV) and Protection Equipment designed to safeguard tanks and vessels, in under or over-pressure scenarios, during both normal and emergency operating conditions.

Elmac's comprehensive range of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves and Flame Arresters are used to provide ultimate protection in some of the world's most challenging process environments.

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