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Elmac’s New Valve Is Truly FAB!

All of us at Elmac Technologies Ltd are proud to officially launch our most innovative product ever! Our first Flame Arrester/Breather Valve combination (to be marketed as the FAB Valve™ Series) is a patented device that integrates a RE-Flow™ Deflagration Flame Arrester with a Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valve.

It has been designed and developed to protect tanks and process equipment from excessive pressure and vacuum and also from atmospheric deflagrations. FAB Valves also conserve product and reduce pollution from evaporation losses. They are generally required by EPA and API regulations in venting applications.

So how does a FAB Valve™ actually work?

The product functions as a combined end-of-line breather valve and a deflagration flame arrester.

“There are many advantages of specifying a FAB valve for your plant” says Dr Daomin Hong, Head of Technology at Elmac Technologies.

“The pressure relief valve prevents vapour losses up to the specified pressure and ensures reliable protection against excessive pressure. In addition, the vacuum relief valve prevents the ingress of air up to the specified vacuum pressure and ensures reliable protection against excessive vacuums. Finally, the flame arrester element further protects the equipment against atmospheric deflagrations” Dr Hong continues.

The new FAB Valve™ Series incorporates Elmac’s E-Flow™ enhanced crimped ribbon technology in the flame arrester element. The channel dimensions of the flame arrester element are optimised for deflagration protection whilst ensuring minimal maintenance requirements, reducing pressure drop and maximising flow performance.

In the event of external ignition, the flame arrester prevents flame transmission from entering the piping systems and tanks.

The FAB Valve™ Series’ unique operating model facilitates self-draining of the flame arrester element. This allows visual inspection and ensures minimal clogging of the element under normal operating conditions.

The FAB Valve™ is ATEX certified for gases in Explosion Groups IIA1, IIA, IIB1, IIB2 & IIB3 and the valves have been type-tested to EN ISO 16852 and approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

“Elmac has an 80-year history and we have always invested in R&D and a talented in-house team of scientists and engineers. This new, innovative device is a true milestone in our history and one of many exciting products in our NPD pipeline for the next 2-3 years” Dr Hong concludes.