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Meet Lewis Porter – European Sales Manager, Elmac Technologies

Posted On : Friday 07th May

On this blog we are featuring Lewis Porter, our European Sales Manager and an integral member of the Elmac Team.

How long have you worked at Elmac Technologies?

I started as the UK Sales Manager in January 2019 and was promoted to European Sales Manager in April this year. I absolutely love the job and enjoy being part of a growing team!

What is your background?

I studied both Business Management and Mechanical Engineering at University and have held various technical engineering roles in the North West, specialising in project engineering and chemical plant operations.

My area of expertise is explosion and pressure protection and I have conducted safety audits on hundreds of sites, from oil refineries and anaerobic digestors to chemical plants and whisky distilleries.

What territories do you cover?

I cover the UK and Western Europe so a fairly large territory that keeps me busy! As we all know, in the past twelve months we have had to adapt to a new way of working and communicating which for some, has been tough.

As good as Microsoft Teams and Zoom are, in my opinion they really do not compare with face-to-face interaction which is something I have really missed (as opposed to “you’re on mute!!!”)

Flame Arrester & Breather Valve Combi

What I like most is building rapport with clients whilst understanding their problems and learning their applications. Of course I also enjoy demonstrating and presenting our product range – and, of course having a nice cup of tea!

What are your plans for the future?

As the UK is coming out of the pandemic, I have been able to arrange more face-to-face meetings and now travel up and down the country to see customers almost every day of the week and this is something I really enjoy.

My personal plans are to ensure that Elmac Technologies remains as the industry expert and market leader for explosion and pressure protection equipment. This should be helped by the launch of our patented new Flame Arrester Breather Valve which we’re calling the FAB Valve. I’m truly excited for what the future holds.

Elmac is an excellent company to work for and there is a true “family feel” between all members of the team. We aim to go above and beyond for each other and, more importantly, for our customers!

And finally, what is your typical day?

As a father of one (soon to be two!) I tend to start my days early – 5:30-6am.

I wake up and make breakfast before taking great pleasure in waking the rest of the house. This is usually done through my fantastic vocals singing something from The Smiths, The Cure, Oasis, or a bit of Drake!

My working day begins at about 8:00am and I can tell you that no two days are ever the same! This often means that I can be in a meeting with a biogas client in the morning and then on site in a distillery in the afternoon. I enjoy this variety which, for me, is one of the best parts of the job!

I like to keep in regular contact with all customers and take great pride in having the most expensive monthly phone bill at Elmac!

Outside of work, I spend lots of time with my amazing little girl and fiancée and this usually involves BBQs, meals out and visits to Chester Zoo. We’re all looking forward to a return to normality, from both a work and play perspective, sometime very soon.