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Elmac Envisafe Technologies Announces Opening of New Manufacturing Facility

Posted On : Thursday 20th July
Elmac Envisafe Technologies, a subsidiary of The Protectoseal Company, announced today the opening of its new manufacturing facility in Thane, Mumbai. The facility spans approximately 25,000 square feet and features the latest in CNC and material handling technology.

The opening of the new facility is a significant milestone for Elmac Envisafe Technologies. The investment in the state-of-the-art facility and equipment has allowed the company to streamline its production process and reduce lead times on orders. With the ability to produce high-quality products more efficiently, Elmac Envisafe Technologies is better equipped to meet the growing demand for its services in India and beyond.

The facility is strategically located near Thane, Mumbai, which is a hub for manufacturing and distribution in India. This location allows the company to easily transport its products to customers throughout the country. The new facility and upgrades have also allowed Elmac Envisafe Technologies to reduce production time, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

“As a company, we are constantly striving to enhance our capabilities and better serve our customers, and this expansion is a testament to that. With our investment in innovative technologies, we are equipped to offer even higher quality products and services to our growing customer base,” said Swapnil Patil, Managing Director of Elmac Envisafe Technologies. This new facility not only strengthens our position as a leading provider of Flame Arresters and Pressure Protection Equipment but also enables us to meet the increasing demands of the market. I am truly proud to be a part of this exciting milestone in our company’s journey and look forward to the continued growth and success.”

“We are excited to open our new manufacturing facility in Thane, Mumbai,” said Chuck Hall, President of The Protectoseal Company. “This investment in our manufacturing capabilities will allow us to better serve our customers with high-quality Flame Arresters and Pressure Protection Equipment. We look forward to continuing to grow and expand our business in India and beyond.”

Elmac Envisafe Technologies is a subsidiary of The Protectoseal Company, a global leader in vapour and flame control technologies. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, The Protectoseal Company is committed to providing innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers.

For more information about Elmac Envisafe Technologies and its new manufacturing facility, please contact enquiries@elmactech.com.